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Meetings made better.

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Verbally structures, assists and times your meetings to make them efficient and engaging.

It's for everyone who has had enough of long unproductive meetings. A tool to unleash the power of structured and engaging discussions.

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More Focus. More Engagement. More Efficiency.

A better way of doing meetings.

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Visible Agenda And Meeting Goal

Visible agenda to stay focused.
Goal, to start with the end in mind.

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Countdown timers

Timers to keep track of the overall meeting as well as any agenda points to keep the team focused and efficient.



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Nudges for extended speaking periods to prevent monologues.

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Ice breakers

A cute gif to start each meeting with a smile and break the ice.

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Simple is better

Unlike all other meetings assistants, Verbally is extremely easy to set up.
You are just two steps away from using our online assistant.

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Set up your Google Meet and add as a guest.

Write up your goal and agenda in the description and ta-da you're done!

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"Works like a charm. I love the simplicity in getting started, it’s just like adding another member to the meeting. Having a visible timer & agenda in the meeting has really helped in getting our team focused & reduce over-running meetings, especially during our switch to remote work."

Nicolò Luti
Co-Founder & Managing Director

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We take your privacy very seriously. Verbally is GDPR compliant, we do not store or record any video or audio information.

Trusted is better

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