Meetings Made Better.


Verbally is your quick and easy helper to make your meetings more productive and structured, so that you and your team can stay on track. 

The simplest way to show an agenda 📝 and stay on time ⏲ in your Google Meet call.

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🎯 Stay focused: An agenda visible in the meeting creates focus and ensures you do not forget anything.

Be prepared: An agenda in the invite allows participants to prepare ahead of the meeting or to tell you if some point is missing.

📆 Plan ahead: Putting the agenda into the invite ensures you plan your meeting e.g. to double-check the duration, who to invite and if this needs to be a meeting at all.

Why Verbally?

How Verbally Works?

 💫 Add Verbally as a guest to your meeting. Currently, this works with Google Meet only.

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📝 Simply add your agenda to the description field of your meeting invite. The tool will show any bullet points in the description field during the meeting.

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