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Boost Your Meeting Efficiency: The Impact of Smaller Meeting Sizes

The Optimal Team Size

Researcher J. Richard Hackman found that the optimal team size for most tasks is between four to six members. His studies revealed that as the team size increases, so do performance problems and interpersonal friction. This insight underscores the importance of maintaining a smaller, more manageable meeting size to ensure maximum efficiency.

Three colleagues engaging in a productive meeting, exchanging ideas and focusing on the discussion points, illustrating an efficient and well-managed meeting.


Include Only Necessary Participants

One effective strategy to maintain smaller, more efficient meetings is to include only key decision-makers and individuals directly involved in the topics of discussion. Marking non-essential participants as optional attendees allows them to stay informed without having to actively participate, saving time and maintaining focus.

Leveraging Asynchronous Meetings

Asynchronous meetings, where meetings are recorded and can be reviewed at one's convenience, offer another method for dealing with larger groups while preserving meeting efficiency. This practice ensures everyone is kept in the loop without the necessity of being present at the meeting, creating a balance between information sharing and respect for individual schedules.

Streamlining Meetings with Verbally

No matter the meeting size, intelligent tools like Verbally can help to streamline the process. Verbally is a virtual meeting assistant that aids in keeping meetings efficient by displaying the agenda and time allotted for each discussion point. This allows attendees to stay focused, making every minute in the meeting productive.

The Power of Small Meetings

The size of the meeting plays a crucial role in its efficiency. Smaller meetings often lead to better communication, increased engagement, and ultimately, more productive outcomes. So, when scheduling your next meeting, remember that smaller can be mightier!


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