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Verbally's Chrome extension makes it easier and faster to add the Verbally Assistant to your meetings, add an agenda and edit your meeting goal, agenda and timers

Streamline and customise your meeting changes with Verbally's Chrome Extension

Add Assistant.png

Add Verbally to any meeting with just a Click

Create any new meeting event in your Google Calendar and you'll see the new Add Verbally Assistant. Once clicked, Verbally will join your meetings. This also works for any existing meeting event in your calendar.

Give your meeting a boost with our template agenda!

Add an agenda with just a click, which includes the correct formatting to add a goal, your agenda points and any additional timers. Just edit the agenda based on your needs and click save. 

extension img-2.png

Edit agendas on the fly in just a click!

No more searching through your calendar to be able to add or edit an agenda item or meeting goal. Just click on the Verbally icon in the bottom right-hand corner, edit the description and click save. All sorted!

And much more to come...

Let us know what you'd love to see next in our extension!

Got any questions? Head over to our FAQs or shoot us a message at

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